OSC Statistics

These totals reflect violations of the Rules of Conduct found in the Golden Rule Student Handbook that were processed by the Office of Student Conduct. The tables and charts are updated at the end of each academic semester.

Knight S.H.A.R.E

A site designed to provide resources regarding Violence Prevention, Campus Safety, and Emergency Preparedness. Watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read about subjects regarding your safety on and off campus. This site was created by UCF students, for UCF students.

Integrity and Ethical Development

This Office provides a unique set of services to students which include coaching sessions, mediation, and a number of outreach workshops. Each of the services and workshops that are provided through the Office of Integrity and Ethical Development are designed to promote individual responsibility, personal development, and a comprehensive understanding of the UCF Creed.

Housing and Residence Life

This site is designed to provide current UCF students that live in university owned and affiliated housing with information regarding staff and services that are provided to those students that live on-campus, or aspire to live on-campus in the near future. The Department of Housing and Residence Life also strives to ensure that each of their students are in a safe and secure environment that promotes a sense of community and academic success.

Student Care Services

Student Care Services is an Office within the department of Student Development and Enrollment Services (SDES) whose sole purpose is to create a culture of care for our Knight’s that may be in distress personally, emotionally, or academically. The Student Care Services team aims to connect students with the vital campus and community resources that they may need to assist them in their time of distress.

Wellness & Health Promotion Services

The Office of Wellness & Health Promotion Services provides a wide variety of programming and services that are designed to educate UCF students on how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the health related programs and services include Biofeedback relaxation training, massage therapy, stress management, and workshops on alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, and healthy relationships.

Medical Emergencies

University of Central Florida students who receive medical attention due to alcohol-related emergencies may be exempt from disciplinary action as part of the conditions for alcohol emergencies after review by the Director of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Parental Notification

In the fall of 2000, the Board of Regents of the State University System of Florida instructed each University to include provisions for parental notification of dependent students under the age of 21 if the student is found to be in violation of University policies regarding alcohol and other drugs. The purpose of the Parental Notification Policy at the University of Central Florida is to comply with the Board of Regents’ instructions and to promote the health and well being of students. This policy will provide parents an opportunity to partner with their student and the University to address behaviors that could place students at risk of harming themselves or others.

Computer Misuse

Pursuant to 34 CFR 668.43(a)(10), an institution must include information regarding institutional policies and sanctions related to the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material in the list of institutional information provided upon request to prospective and enrolled students.

Student Records

Student Conduct policies on the maintenance, sealing, and release of student records.