Incident Report

The Office of Student Conduct handles complaints against University of Central Florida students and student groups but not faculty or staff. The complaint must indicate a possible violation of one or more of the Rules of Conduct or Conduct Regulations of Student Organizations located in the Golden Rule Student Handbook.

The staff of the Office of Student Conduct is available to explain procedures and talk to you about your concerns around reporting an incident or situation.

Alleged violations of the UCF Rules of Conduct shall be reported in writing to the Director, Office of Student Conduct (OSC) or designee via the online incident report form. Violation reports can be submitted for the purpose of one of the following:

  1. Information purposes only
  2. Initiate the student conduct review process

Upon receiving an alleged violation of misconduct, the Director, OSC or designee may review relevant information and consult with relevant parties regarding the incident in question. If the information warrants disciplinary action, the Office of Student Conduct will send written notification to the charged student indicating the nature of the activity in question and what university rules were allegedly violated. The charged student has the right to inspect any information submitted in support of the charges. The written complaint of violation of the UCF Rules of Conduct shall be made no later than six months following discovery of the alleged violation. Incident reports may be utilized in conjunction with a police report or a housing and residence life report or independent of a police report or other reports.