The CREED Program – Eligibility and Instructions


  1. Completion of one semester of disciplinary probation, deferred disciplinary suspension, or disciplinary suspension and upon completion of all educational sanctions/requirements.
    • For those students or student organizations who were found “in violation” of harmful behavior or sexual misconduct, or incidents where a victim is involved the Student Conduct and Academic Integrity reserves the right to contact the victim and provide notification of your involvement in this process.
  2. Carefully review the information located on the CREED Program Overview page as it outlines the specific steps that are necessary to follow in order to complete the program and review.
  3. Complete each step listed on the CREED Program Requirements page and obtain all necessary documents.
  4. Compile your packet documents and submit your request to the Director of Student Conduct via the online CREED Program Request Form. This request can only be submitted once a semester.

Completed CREED Program packets must be submitted during the deadlines for each semester. The review meetings for program submissions will occur during the assigned committee weeks.

If you have any further questions please contact Student Conduct and Academic Integrity at (407) 823-4638 or