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Office of Student Conduct

The following defined and described actions include, but are not limited to, conduct for which disciplinary action may be taken at the University of Central Florida. Students are responsible for the observation of all University policies and regulations. Each student is expected to abide by these rules of conduct, and administrators are expected to enforce them. These Rules of Conduct should be read broadly and are not designed to define prohibited conduct in exhaustive terms. Additional rules and regulations may be revised during the year; announcements will be made on adoption of the changes or additions. The right of all students to seek knowledge, debate ideas, form opinions, and freely express their ideas is fully recognized by the University of Central Florida. The Rules of Conduct apply to student conduct and will not be used to impose discipline for the lawful expression of ideas. Students are prohibited from engaging in:

1. Academic Misconduct

2. Possessing and/or Providing False and Misleading Information and/or Falsification of University Records

3. Disruptive Conduct

4. Harmful Behavior

5. Sexual Misconduct and/or Interpersonal Violence

6. Larceny/Property Damage

7. Hazing

8. Misuse or Unauthorized Use of Facilities and Grounds

9. Misconduct at University Sponsored/Related Activities

10. Controlled Substance and Drug Violations

11. Alcoholic Beverages Violation

12. Possession of Weapons and/or Dangerous Material

13. Instigation or Participation in Group Disturbances during Demonstrations, Parades, or Picketing

14. Misuse of Computing and Telecommunications Resources

15. Gambling

16. University Student Residence Violations

Violation(s) of any Department of Housing and Residence Life policy, rule or regulation published in hard copy or available electronically via Department of Housing and Residence Life website.

17. University Wordmark Violations

Unauthorized use of the official University wordmark, Pegasus, monogram, seal, or other graphic identity symbol.

18. Violation of Local, State, and/or Federal Laws

Violation of any local, state and/or federal law that may result in a felony or misdemeanor.

NOTE: This section may be found in Chapter 5 on the University of Central Florida Regulations website.